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Komu warto zaufać na Allegro? Jak działają oszuści?

Autor: J         Data: 2010-12-20 19:58:24
Użytkownik allegro asejere8 to kolejny nigeryjski oszust - konto zostało już zablokowane, więc zagrożenie z tego miejsca minęło. Niemniej ostrzegam - poniżej dane.

Użytkownik ten napisał do mnie poprzez opcję "zadaj pytanie" a potem pisał po zakończeniu aukcji kiedy nie sprzedałem przedmiotu (telefon).

Dnia 19-12-2010 o godz. 15:28 asejere8 napisał(a):
Thanks for the quick response...I really love the item and i want to buy it as a Birthday present for my Pastor who was recently transfered to Nigeria and willing to pay 930PLN for the item and i would want you to calculate the shipment to my Pastor's Address below via EMS POCZTEX.

Name: Mr Ademipo Olajuwon
Address: 44,Daily Street
City: Shomolu
State: Lagos
Zip Code:23401
Country: Nigeria

I will want you to get back to me now and also i want you to know that the payment will be made via bank transfer so get back to me with your details as follow:

Full Name:
Telephone Number:
Bank Name:
Bank Account Number:
Swift Code:
Bank Address:
Extimated Total Prize:

I await the informations immediately...

Autor: kicius225         Data: 2010-12-20 14:48:55
Witam pan jane dalej grasuje. chcial mnie dzisiaj naciagnac na kupnie samochodu. malo tego identyczne wiadomosci dostalam od pana shapmanberlin1@gmail.com . Ja sie nie dalam nabrac na machlojki ale na bank zglosze to na policje. uwazajcie kochani
Autor: Frank         Data: 2010-12-18 09:39:45
Genialność tego przekrętu polega na tym, że piszecie z kimś innym, a przedmiot posyłacie komuś innemu z adnotacją "prezent" u kuriera aby nie płacić cła. Wysyłacie do Zachodniej Afryki gdzie problemu rozwiązuje się przy pomocy maczety.
Gdzie władza jest skorumpowana.

Niech do Was wreszcie dotrze:
Nie ma przestępstwa tylko... Wasza naiwność i.... niestety pazerność.

Aha wskażcie mi bank, który pośredniczy w drobnych transakcjach osób prywatnych?
A przecież wszyscy macie konta....
Autor: syli751         Data: 2010-12-17 14:17:04
Autor: syli751         Data: 2010-12-17 14:13:15
craig chyper

JEZELI KTOS ZNA ODP PISZCIE NA EMAIL sylwester40@@interia.pl
Autor: Frank         Data: 2010-12-17 11:16:45
Droga naldi1
Pod tym adresem szukaj swojego aparatu
http://www.nairalist.com/lagos/forsale - to taka "nigeryjska gratka" ja mnie mam czasu i.... sobie odkup swój aparat.

Kolego magik
I ty możesz zostać milionerem, wystarczy że pozwolisz się okraść. To okazja, żeby dostać 10.5 miliona $ trzeba zaledwie wpłacić kilkanaście tysięcy dolarów. To przecież drobiazg

Drogi uber
Skończysz w więzieniu bo.... nie pozwoliłeś się okraść. Gratuluję:)

Autor: uber         Data: 2010-12-17 05:57:43
tu sie popisali :

I dont know what you are thinking the bank are but i would like you to know that if you don't ship out the item to my client tomorrow and comply with the bank. I would make sure i got your Jail and you die in Jail.
dobrzy sa ?
Autor: magik         Data: 2010-12-17 00:25:13
Wspomniany wcześniej John Little, napisał również do mnie. Znalazł mnie na serwisie otoDom.
Sprzedawałam działkę, i zastanawiam się czego on mógł ode mnie chcieć.

Pierwszy email;

I am Little John and i am a member of NATO-ISAF Task Force and
Provincial Reconstruction Troops in Southern Afghanistan.I am
interested in your service as i intend to invest in your country.I am
moving over to your country as the expiration of our service here and
i also intend to move over with my family .In line with my business
and family interest in your country,i have a very confidential
proposal for you.

Based on the United states,the legislative and executive decision of
pulling our troop out of here by the End of the year i have decided to
contact you for this business opportunity and relationship.I want to
inform you that I have in my possession the sum of US$10.5 million,
which I got from crude oil deals in Iraq.I deposited this money with a
Red Cross Agent informing him that i am making contact for the real
owner of the money and it is under my power to approve whoever comes
forth for the money.

I want to invest the money in a good business as soon as my service
here ends,anyway you will advice me on that since I am not a business
person.I am solely interested in making a life for my two daughters
and therefore i shall require the advice and service of a person who
is trustworthy,experienced and and sincere and i am going to make you
the beneficiary of the money and allow you to invest for my Kids in
the event anything happens to me here.I am an American and an intelligent
marine officer,and i have a 100% authentic and legal means of transferring
the money through diplomatic courier service.I just need your acceptance
and cooperation,then all is done.

Where we are now we can only communicate through our military
communication facilities that are secured so nobody can monitor our
emails, then I can explain in details to you. I will only reach you
through email, because our calls might be monitored, I just have to be
sure whom I am dealing with.

I need someone I could deal with on trust, so that is why i contacted
you to work with me as the receiving partner in your country. If you
accept, I will put you forward as the beneficiary of the funds and
transfer the money to you because as a uniformed person I cannot be
parading such an amount so I need to present someone as the

I am writing from a fresh email account so if you are not interested
do not reply to this email and please delete this message,if no
response after 3 days I will then search for someone else.If you are
interested, then let me know so we can proceed as time is very
important to me. I wait for your contact details so we can go into
action. In less than 5 days, the money should have been in your
position and I will come over for my money. I will give to you 30% of
the sum and 70% is for me because I know that nothing goes for
nothing, I hope I am been fair to you for your assistance as my
receiving partner.

Get back to me urgently, if you are interested in this business deal.

Kind regards,

Captain Little John


I have carefully gone through your mail and i really appreciate the
Statements, because if i am in your shoes, i will also do the same.
Now you have to understand that in life truth is not negotiable and it
is only a day that people meet and become best of friends/partners in
life, I contacted you for this transaction on trust because i believe
i can work together on 100% trust with you. I want you to know that i
am contacting you in good faith. All i want from you is sincerity and
i shall be entrusting a lot in your hands.I am seeking for a trusted
friendship hand from you because i a man in the front and anything can
happen to me here.I
want you to be a friend whom i can trust to take care of my money and
invest for my kids if anything happens to me.On the contrary,i pray
that i leave this jungle alive and also need your prayers.I want to
invest with the money (US$10.5M) when i come over so for now you
should only buy off a residential property for me when you get the
money and keep the rest safe until the end of the year when we are
scheduled to leave here.You will take your own share and keep the rest
for me. I chose you because i want an expert in real estate who shall
invest my money for me. Real estate is the business that survived the
economic melt down in the USA and this is why i want to invest my
money where it shall be safe. Please i want you to understand the kind
of trust and sincerity i want from you because this money means my

Right now the money is under the diplomatic control of the Red Cross
and the transfer shall be made under the extra-territorial immunity of
the Red Cross. I was able to receive this attention because i have a
friend in the Cross and he is the man that helped secure the money in
the ICRC vault because i cannot parade such amount in my account as a
uniformed man. I have a plan of leaving the money with the Red Cross
until i come out of here and then i can choose a partner to work with
but i decided against it because i am a Soldier in the front and if
anything happens to me,the money shall be claimed by the Red Cross and
i shall die for nothing.This is the reason i contacted you as an
individual and demanding for an everlasting friendship with you, so
that if anything happens to me, you shall take care of my two kids. I
have no close relations and their mother is late.Please understand the
intensity of the trust i demand from you.

Get back to me with your assurance and a picture of identification of
yourself and i shall direct you on the next step to take towards the
successful transfer of this money to you. Also forward the following
information to me so that i can procure a testament of facts
establishing your personality as the beneficiary.


The moment i have these info,i shall direct you on the steps to carry
out this transaction. Please note that this might require you to go to



Thanks for your information. Please note that this is proposal is for
the mutual benefit of the both of us. I decided to contact you because
of two reasons. One i am a soldier and we live on the verge of death
everyday and that means anything can happen to me here.If that happens
the Red Cross will just take the money and reap where they did not
sow. Secondly i contacted you because i want to move over to your
country after our service here. I have two daughters and their late
mum is from your country.This is why i am interested in spending the
rest of my life in your country outside the confines of the USA.

When i come to your country,i want to invest in Real Estate.I am
interested in real estate because it is the only business i feel my
money shall be safe.This means i contacted you to serve as partner in
receiving my money and also offering me the best in real estate
business.You should understand that i want a close relationship with
you because if anything happens to me here,then you shall take care of
my two daughters for me.Hope you understand what i am saying. Sure i
am going to buy your properties but they are not enough.You have to
locate other properties i have to buy equal to the amount of the money
i have and we shall use the money and buy the properties thereby
having a legal transfer of the money to you.

We shall have a memorandum of understanding and i will also give you a
power of attorney to act on my behalf.This power of attorney shall
give you a total leverage to manage my estate for me until i come out
of here to meet you with my daughters. Also note that %30 of this
money is yours.

The conclusion of this transfer shall require you to go to Spain. Like
i said in my former message to you,the money is secured in the
diplomatic vault of the Red Cross here in the middle east.The moment i
finalize with you and you assure me of your ability and sincerity to
handle this transaction, i shall have the money delivered in cash and
packaged in a
vault to Spain. I shall also contract a diplomat who shall assist in
the delivery and transfer of the money.The Red Cross delivery jet is
under a diplomatic immunity and therefore we shall have a safe
delivery of the vault to Valencia in Spain.The destination is Spain
because that is where the Diplomat and the Red cross has an affiliate
relationship with a bank from which the transfer of the money shall be
made. All you need is to proceed to Spain to meet the diplomat the
moment he arrives and he will help you transfer the money into the
accounts you shall provide under a diplomatic scrutiny and immunity.

Before this,we shall have a preliminary agreement that the money is
been used to pay for properties and so it shall be transferred without
questions into your account. This arrangement will be sealed without
lapses.All i need is your sincerity and we shall proceed.

The moment i have this assurance from you, we shall proceed with the
Memorandum of understanding (M.O.U) and the Agreement letter guarding
our relationship so that this business can be concluded in our mutual
benefit. My Dispatch Id is attached to this email as a kind of
identification and i also want you to scan your id and send to me as
an attached file by email.

Get back to me immediately.

Capt. L.John



I have read your email and i understand all you are saying, i wish to
let you know that i need a capable hand, fit to undertake such
transaction. I wish to let you know that if you are willing to go
ahead with this deal, then you have to sponsor your trip to Valencia,
Spain as you can only have access to the funds when you get to Spain.
I have already told you in my previous email that 30% of the the total
money is your share for your partnership.

However, i am in support of your son accompanying you to Spain because
the diplomat speaks and understands English very well, so i think it
is a good idea to travel with your son. You have not given me your
full details as i requested from you and your id as well, please
provide me with the following information without delay:


I need these details so that i can register the consignment containing
the fund in your name as the beneficiary and also procure all the
necessary documents that will be required to successfully carry out
this deal. The moment i have these info, the consignment will be
registered in your name and i shall direct you on the steps to carry
out this transaction and how to proceed to Spain to pick up the fund.

Finally, i hope you know understand this deal very well and also
understand your role in this deal. I want you to know that this deal
is for the mutual benefit of the both of us and i have arranged
everything perfectly so you nothing to worry about but to follow my
directives and we shall achieve success at last.

I waiting for your personal details and id so that i can proceed.

Capt. L.John

Greetings and compliments of the day. I just saw your email now
because i was in the field from yesterday noon till this morning, that
is why i have not been able to respond to your email I trust you are
doing good? How was yesterday's activities? I hope all went as you
aimed? I am doing great and putting in place all arrangements to
ensure smooth delivery
of the consignment to you in Spain soonest.

I received well your assurance mail and full dedication to assist me
and invest this benefits wisely in a business partnership with
you.Thanks for your re-assurance.I am very grateful.

With the information that you sent to me i left my unit this morning
to the Red Cross office to make the Registration of the consignment on
your behalf. It was not easy as i have to move from one office to the
other but i thank God for his good work as i succeeded in registering
the cargo on your behalf. The Red Cross officer in charge said i have
to pay an amount of USD12,920 for the Registration and Delivery
charges of the consignment to Spain so i quickly went back to my unit
to get the money, I only had an amount of USD9,300 with me so i
quickly went to meet my colleague here and after pleading to him, i
managed to
borrow the balance of USD3,620 which i promised to pay him back soon
with additional interest.I have to do this to make sure i send this
consignment out of here to you. I had to sacrifice a little to achieve
the aim.

So now i have made the payment in the Red Cross office, find the
Receipt of the payment attached for your records and perusal. Right
now everything is in order, and the red cross official has requested
for a copy of your identification (ID card) which will be given to the
diplomat that will airlift the consignment to Spain to enable them
identify you when you arrive. So, you have to send me a scanned copy
of your ID immediately so that i can send it to them for appropriate
documentation to avoid any short comings such as delivering the
consignment to the wrong person or even tampering with it. It is very
important as i told you earlier for smooth and accurate documentation
and delivery to you.

I will also send you the contact information of the diplomat later
once i confirm from the Red cross before their jet departs from here
for Spain. So you have nothing to worry because i will give you
information on the flights departure from here and also once the
diplomat flies into Spain, he will immediately contact you. Please,
note well, you must follow the instruction of the diplomat so that he
can deliver the consignment to you immediately without any delay. So i
need to know when you can be in Spain soonest.

You should understand that i am an intelligent and respected military
officer so you have nothing to worry. I have made every legal
arrangement to ensure total success .Now listen, I trust you 100% in
this deal and be sure to keep everything about this deal confidential
only between the two of us. Furthermore, i hope i have clarified you
on the important details you need. So,right now, the ball is in your
court and i believe you will play your part well for the success of
future partnership and relationship.

Please,do all within your power to handle this deal very well. Also,
as you already know i am in a military camp. I may not be able to
write always especially when i am out for security patrol and such
opportunity is not granted based on security purposes. So i have
confidence and faith in your capacity to handle all things well
enough. Please don't fail me because i am counting on you.

So my dear I hope you understand everything i have explained to you.
Remember, this deal is only between me and you so you must have to
keep it very confidential as contained in our MOU agreement.

NB: Make sure you read the attached MOU agreement carefully, print
out, sign it and send it back to me as an attached file by email

Best regards.

Captain Little John.

Sorry for my late response to your email, like i told you in my
previous email, i am always busy with military security logistics
here, 6 US soldiers were killed in my unit on Sun. Dec 12 and
following this sad incidence, we are are beefing up security to ensure
that such a thing does not re-occur in recent time. Regarding your
email, you are free to travel to Valencia by car if you wish to.

The diplomat has the responsibility to arrange your meeting with him
in Spain. It is his field and he will act in accordance with the
ethics of his profession. So,i believe he will make all the procedures
clear to you when the consignment arrives Spain,he will contact you
and then arrange for a meeting with you. Also, in response to your
question about how to handle the money, i want you to know that you
are not going to carry the money in cash from Spain, because you and i
know that it is not possible. The diplomat will assist you with his
immunity and open an account where the money will kept safely until we
are ready to invest it but you can take you 30% share of the money and
keep the rest until i come over.

As your ID, you do not need to change it, all you need to do is to
scan it and send to me by mail as an attached file. You don't have to
worry, I have made sure all will be very successful.

The consignment will be airlifted to Spain later tomorrow as i was
informed by the red cross officials in charge of courier
sector,Secondly the fund is arranged and packed in diplomatic vault,
so the fund will be in Spain by Saturday and you have to be ready to
move to Valencia pending when the flight leaves here.

However, you said something about me sending you money for your fare
to Spain,i wish to let you know that it will not be possible, how can
you suggest such a thing? I told you earlier that i need a capable
hand to handle this deal, not a liability. You have seen what i have
been through to ensure that this consignment is registered for
shipment to Valencia Spain, i had to go out of my way to pay $12,920
for the airlifting of this fund so please do not joke with this deal
because this money means my life, and besides we are not allowed to
transfer money out of Afghanistan as a NATO soldier so what you ask
for is totally impossible. You have to be prepared for this deal if we
must achieve success.

Finally, 3rd of January is not acceptable, you have to be ready for
Spain by next week.

Thanks and best regards.


między mailami oczywiście odpisywaliśmy z mężem.
Tłumaczyliśmy że nie znamy języka i w podróż musimy zabrać syna. Poparł w 100%.
Pytaliśmy również co z jego dziećmi itp.

Przysłał skan swojej legitymacji wojskowej, i kwitu na którym było potwierdzenie zapłaty 12.000dolarów.

Zastanawia mnie tylko, co chiał uzyskać pisząc z OtoDom, i co chciałby uzyskać przeciągając mnie do Hiszpanii...
Autor: angelikae         Data: 2010-12-16 20:43:41
dostałam dzisiaj identycznego maila, kretyn kupił mój telefon na allegro, naliczyli mi prowizje i teraz musze walczyć z allegro o jej odzyskanie. To jest jakaś paranoja, żeby allegro sobie z tym nie poradziło. jak można dopuścić do rejestracji kogoś kto w danych wpisuje że nazywa się "bnjdbskjvhw". kolejny adres oszustów temidire@kozacki.pl
Autor: tetley_88         Data: 2010-12-16 15:28:24
Kolejny oszustka LINDA CLARK

How are you doing today..And I interested in your item posted on allegro.pl for my daughter ..I will like to know more about the item so get back to me with the following question?

I will like to offer you 270,00 Euro?
Can you ship abroad?
What is the condition of the item?
Did you accept Bank Transfer ?
and Pls do get back to me as soon as possible if this offer is ok with you ..And i will like the package to be ship out via pocztex EMS to Nigeria... And have already ask the cost of the shipment to Nigeria it will cost 80 Euro POCZTEX POLSKA (plane)


Name: Charlie Allston
Address: # 23 allston Avenue,
City: Shomolu
Country: Nigeria.

So send me this necessary information to complete the money transfer into your account as soon as possible today because the item is urgently needed below.........

Full name:
Full Address:
Tele-phone number:
Full Bank name:
Full bank Account(IBAN):
Bank phone number:

So i can forward your bank information to my bank so they can transfer the
money to you fast..

I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.
Hope to hear from you soonest.
Yours Truly
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