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Komu warto zaufać na Allegro? Jak działają oszuści?

Autor: xx         Data: 2010-11-05 15:21:37
haha a w spamie znalazlam to ;)

We just received a call from our client (Mrs Keith Jessie ),She contact us about the transfer that you are not sure about the transaction issue, really people don’t believe in our new terms and conditions we want you to know that right now both seller and buyer can not be trustful due to fraudulent going on internet nowadays we have so many bad experience about buying and selling and paying through bank to bank transfer, Normally before we change our terms and conditions we transfer money to the seller given account information immediately the buyer make the payment, The money is going to be deducted from the buyer’s account immediately he/she make the payment but some years ago now some seller’s we received the money and they will refused to send the item to the buyer’s given address so many people have lost is money through this, now our bank and some bank’s in England now think of what will are going to do to stop all this fraudulent, We all concluded that all buyer’s and seller’s should be protected in wire bank to bank transfer in that case both parties have his/her own guarantee that he/she will not lose his/her own money and the F.B.I accept the terms and conditions for the safely of both buyer’s and seller’s.
(1) Once the buyer’s have made the payment and you have received the confirmation receipt approved from the bank that he/she has paid, that shows that the money has been deducted from the buyer’s account,
And the money will be in the transferring machine for transfer until you provide all the shipment evidence for verification.

(2) Your account will be credited immediately upon confirmation of the details required by us moreover our customer cannot abort the transfer after you might have sent the tracking number to us.

This is how we work things out here, Concerning the payment for goods and we do hope you will understand us well and comprehend with us about our form of payment to secure both the buyer and seller interest from any type of risk and fraudulent practices that is very rampant via online transactions.

We urge you to please send to us the scanned receipt of this shipment for a through verification. And we want you to make it fast because our client need this item that is why he/she order for the item, Now you can go ahead and ship the item out to the buyer’s given address.

Thank you for using Citi Bank of United Kingdom
Autor: xx         Data: 2010-11-05 15:04:59
przestrzegam przed mrsjessie501@gmail.com

***1 mail:
How are you doing? I am Mrs Jessie Keith from England, I am
interested in buying your item, I will like to know the present
condition of the item and how much are you willing to sell the item?
Kindly get back to me as soon as possible..
Mrs Jessie Keith

Thanks for getting back to me asap, I am Mrs Jessie Keith by name ,I
am from England and i want to buy this wedding dress for my Sister who
is getting married Soon and she is living in Nigeria, i would prefer
to pay for the item via Bank to Bank transfer or Western union, i want
you to make inquire with the shipment cost through Ems Speed Post or
Register post to my sister address below..

Name...Tony Halverson
Address... 16 Nihinlola Street, Off Mobil Petrol Station, Ring Road, Ibadan
Zip code..23402

Bank Name........
Account Name..........
Account Number...............
Swift Code........................
Total Cost..........................

I hope to hear from you soonest .....
Mrs Jessie Keith

Thanks for getting back to me as soon as possible, I have surf the
internet myself and i read all about the shit they are talking about
Nigeria so i understand you path, But i will let you understand
something about me, i am not here to fool you and i am not here to
take advantage of you so I am ready to pay for the speed post directly
to my sister in Nigeria and also i want you to understand that i
should have tell you to send it to me directly here in England but i
am always busy through out ... so i want you to get back to me with
your full bank information for the payment of the item to be made

Thanks for the mail and your bank information that you
give me for the transfer,i want the fast shipment delivery, I want to
let you know that you will make the shipment of the item once you have
got the confirmation mail from my bank and you will send the shipment
number and the shipment receipt to my bank once they have confirm the
shipment with the shipment service that you use for the shipment they
will now transfer your money to your account between 24 to 72 hours.

The reason why my bank confirm the shipment before they
send your money to your account is because once i have make the
transfer and they have send you an confirmation mail with your bank
details that the money has been approved is not possible for me to
cancel the transfer or have my money back so to protect both the part
that is why they confirm the shipment before they transfer your money
to your account.So this is my address for the shipment after the
payment as been approved.

mail z niby banku pewnie dobrze wam znany

***6 mail:
How are you?I hope you are alright,and I'm glad to inform you that
i have made the payment of the item ,and I'm sure you must have
receive the confirmation mail of the payment from my bank by
now,because i have got the carbon Copy of the payment confirmation
mail from my bank.So i want you to check you INBOX,BULK And JUNK
E-mail for the payment confirmation.So i want you to proceed with the
shipment,since the payment has been approved and you have got a
confirmation mail.So i want you to go and make the shipment and send
the shipment details to my bank immediately the shipment has been
successfully done,so that they can able to activate your account

Thanks for the mail,I contacted my bank regarding your mail and the
bank manager told me that it is the new policy of Citi bank that the
seller must ship out an item to the buyer's provided address before
money is transferred to the seller's account. This measure is taking
because of the high rate of internet Scam and to protect our
interest(both the buyer and seller) and that is why you are not
allowed to send the shipment tracking number to me but you can send it
to my bank for them to know in order for your money to be
transferred successfully into your bank account.

I am telling you, am 100% assuring that the bank will pay you once
you have send the shipment tracking number for verification. I have
contacted my bank regarding this, and they assured me about that. ,i
want you to know that, your money has been deducted from my account
and more so, am a human being like you and i will not do anything to
spoil my name. I want you to also know that if you don't send my bank
the shipment details requested for, i have lose my money because
international transfer are not refundable.

Note: for you to believe me , once you send the item, don't send the
shipment tracking number to me. send it to my bank only and once they
have transferred the money to your account, you can now send it to me.

Hope that is clear.

I wait to read from you.


Hello Friend ,
i was very disappointed in you that you don't trust me in the
age of me i can't cheat you that is what i want you to understand i
make the payment out of my bank account and the bank told me that you
have to contact them with the shipment details ..so that they will be
able to confirm it so as soon as they confirm the shipment details
your account will be credited,
It Quite be a disappointment's that you can't trust me just for a
seconds, the way am dealing with you was like a long time partner cos
it will be very difficult to trust an human being like i trusted you. i
made the payment and you gotten the Approval confirmation of the
payment. my bank will never send money to Buyer again Once the money
is been Approved, take this weather you like it or not....

And i know you are honest person

(2} for me to trust and play with that money with you that mean i
really really depends on you,even though u far away from me, let me
tell you something am not the Kind of people that cheat on internet cos i
know the rules and regulation of this offense, and as i said am very
new to Auction and am a very good Customer of Citi bank because i
used them even for my workers in the time of there salaries. it will
be very shame on me if i can't get the (item) to my son
before next week comes up because i have already promised them,
Listen for you to Confirmed your money you can contact
citisalert@accountant.com)with the Verification department
mail in the Approval confirmation mail sent to you.

I hope by that time you will know am a very honest

W ostatniej chwili się zorientowałam , bo mail z banku mi nie pasował i zaczęłam szperać po necie.Oczywiście po mojej ostatniej wiadomości, ze jest brudnym smierdzacym murzynem i nierobem itd itp już nie odpisał ;)
Autor: Frank         Data: 2010-11-05 08:12:41

Dla takiej chwili warto żyć

Autor: Karolka         Data: 2010-11-04 23:00:13


niestety sama dalam sie nabrac, i wyslalam paczke przez EMS Pocztex, tak jak bylo proszone do Nigerii, na nastepny dzien przypadkiem w ineternecie przeczytalam ze to oszusci, zadzwonilam do Warszawy, dostalam informacje ze nie ma szans na zwrot bo samolot z przesylkami wyladowal w Nigerii. Mimo to moja reklamacja zostala uwzgledniona i zanotowana. Pogodzilam sie ze strata. 1,5 miesiaca pozniej dostalam telefon z Warszawy ze moja paczka wrocila i bedzie odeslana. i faktycznie...tydzien pozniej odzyskalam ja, az mi sie wierzyc nie chcialo, ale jednak czasem jest mala szansa. zycze powodzenia !

Autor: Frank         Data: 2010-11-04 09:15:57

Aha, coś jest w tym powiedzeniu:....

"każdy Polak ma swojego murzyna....:)"
Autor: Frank         Data: 2010-11-04 09:13:45
Poszukaj fałszywego paszportu lub innego dokumentu tożsamości swojego murzyna.

np. strefa brytyjska



Autor: Fox905         Data: 2010-11-04 00:34:58
KOlejna porcja wiadomości od fikcyjnycg kupców:
Oto mail tego cwaniaka, który przesłał fałszywe zdjęcie ID CARD:

Kolejne poniżej:

Dear seller,
I really want to buy this item and i will be paying 750 Euro for this
item and you will ship it to my client in Nigeria.

(1)I will be paying you Via Bank Transfer

(2)You will ship the item by EMS .

(3)You will ship the item to my client immediately you receive my
payment approval from the western union website or from my bank.

If you agree with these stated terms,send me your full name and
address so that i can go to the western union office immediately to
make payment for the item.


Goodday am Randy a potential person and i work with insurance
company but not around
now,am really interested in this item for my son as a birthday gift
and a surprise gift for him toward his project inschool,i will like to
know if the item is
still available for sale and as well how
much you are willing to sell the item for me because i do not want to
make a bid on the item,so i
want you to get back to me with your offer for the item and i will
want you to know that i will
make the payment to you through Bank transfer,so kindly get back to me
with your full bank
datas if you accept bank transfer and will be glad to hear from you today

Ludzie, nie bądźcie naiwni i nie dajcie się wciągnąć w bagno!!

Przestrzegam i Pozdrawiam!
Autor: Fox905         Data: 2010-11-04 00:28:03
Mam dla Was kolejne maile oszustów tzn. spamu z Nigerii!
Sprzedaje telefony i aparat cyfrowy na allegro.pl, po 2 dniach, przyszło mi pełno takiego spamu ;/.
Od jednego zazadałem, kserokopii dowodu osobistego oraz dowodu wplaty do banku. NIe uwierzycie, sa tak cwani, ze i to udalo im sie zalatawic. Dostalem zdjecie jego dowodu i przesylki. Jednak ID card jest fałszywe, zauważylem, że dane są przerobione w programi i naniesione na ID CARD. W google wpisałem British ID CARD i pokazało mi jedno ze zdjęć, które on mi wysłał. Wszystko zamieszczam poniżej:

Congratulations! The Payment placed by Mr Dr Cypher,The Buyer of your item,to have a Barclay's bank Wire Transfer sent to you as payment for your Olympus MJU7000!! Nowy na gwarancji! Full opcja!! processed and has consequently been APPROVED.

------------------------------ --------------------------

The financial details of the transaction are stated below:
------------------------------ --------------------------
Has been successfully
------------------------------ --------------------------
Item :Olympus MJU7000!! Nowy na gwarancji! Full opcja!!
--------------- ------------------------------ -----------
------------------------------ --------------------------

AUCTION SITE : Allegro.pl
------------------------------ --------------------------
TOTAL : 330.00 EUR
------------------------------ --------------------------

The Money will be delivered to your Bank information below, Please verify that the Information stated below are entered by the buyer are correct.

------------------------------ -----
Details of Transaction
------------------------------ -----
Beneficiary Name : xxxxxx
Account Number :xxxxxxxxxxxx
Address :xxxxxxxxx
City :xxxxxx
Zip Code :xxxxxx
Country :Poland
Seller's Email :xxxxxxx
Date of Transaction :November 01, 2010
Transaction ID :UK6-0043-1113-400-0PL
Transaction Amount :330.OO EUR
Case # :TT-091-962-510
------------------------------ -----

Status: Confirmed & Approved.

Mail the buyer If there is any error in the Information OR mail our Customer Support Representative.


Zip Code:23401

============================== ==========================


The Payment has been APPROVED,you Can Now ship the merchandise to the buyer's shipping address.Due to complaints from our customers of seller refusing to ship out item after payment has been received,we have resolved that payment would not be delivered until we have verified that the item has been transferred to EMS Delivery for shipment..You are expected to make the shipment within 24 hours of receiving this Payment Notification and contact our Costumer/Technical Dept. with the tracking number for Shipment Verification.

The Money will NOT be dispatched from our Bank or get to your Bank Account until the shipment has been verified.This measure is taken in order to protect both seller and buyer interests and to reduce the occurrence of fraudulent activities

Due to the fact that Barclay's Bank processes thousands of orders daily, We therefore RECOMMEND contacting the Customer Support Representative that has been assigned to this particular Order directly.This ensures speedy verification of shipment as well as prompt dispatch of Money.
Send shipment tracking details to transfer.status@post.com Once shipment has been verified,You will receive a "MONEY DISPATCHED"email from Barclay's Bank informing you that the Money has been Transferred to your Bank Account for you to Verify with your Bank immediately.

Check Status And Information.

Transaction ID: UK6-0043-1113-400-0PL
Sender code #826878
Transfer Placed 01/11/2010
Transfer Status Processed successfully
Transfer Routing Number UK323300PL successfully
Transfer Transit Number 297720394

Destination Name Mr/Mrs xxxxxxxxx

Destination Bank
Poland Bank

Account Number xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Destination Country POLAND

Destination Phone ***********
Item Information: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Item Descript_ion Olympus MJU7000!! Nowy na gwarancji! Full opcja!!
Auction site Allegro.pl

Item Unit 1
Item Amount 300.00 EUR
Shipping Fee 30.00 EUR
Total Amount 300.00 EUR
Courier Service EMS

Buyer Information:
Name Mr Dr Cypher

Address 12 AVELANE DC
City,State,Code Leeds LS2 9JT

E-mail dr.cypher@rediffmail.com
Barclay's Bank Account Available
Barclay's Bank Account Number 32983-87202
Barclay's Bank Account Type Savings and Checking Account
Barclay's Bank Account Status Valid and Available

Barclay's Bank helps build strong communities by helping people achieve their dreams.We reach for higher standards every day, in everything we do - for our customers, our shareholders, our associates and our communities, upon which the future prosperity of our company rests.

If you have questions,contact our online customer care services at transfer.status@post.com

Thank you for using Barclay's Bank . We look forward to serving your online Transfer payment needs better in the future.
Thank you for using Barclay's Bank®.
Barclay's Bank®.

Address:Barclays Bank Holdings Plc
Borough High Street
Southwest,London D14 5GH


Autor: Frank         Data: 2010-11-03 20:41:32
Nie podawajcie murzynom żadnych swoich danych.
Średni dochód na głowę w Nigerii wynosi 300$ czyli 1000 zł. Na co liczycie, że będą przepłacać o 100% zakupy na aukcjach i..... w swoich sklepach.
Wejdź na tę stronę i... pożegnaj swój przedmiot

Autor: Bart         Data: 2010-11-02 04:27:16
Jestem kolejnym uratowanym dzięki tej stronce i pomocy wujka google :) W ostatniej chwili przed wysyłką ocknąłem się i nie jestem w plecy około 450zł (telfon sony ericsson c902 + przesyłka). Ale przynajmniej miałem trening z angielskiego pisemnie. Te czarne małpy naprawdę chyba myślą, że ludzie są tak głupi żeby dać sie nabrać na spreparowane maile bankowe (w tym przypasku essex bank). Napisałem, że zmieniam zdanie i czekam najpierw na gotówke a jak coś odpisze to mu poślę wiązankę. Niech lepiej wracają zbierać sorgo i jak ktoś napisał bawełne. Rasistą nie jestem ale asfalt niech leży na swoim miejscu !!
Seun Badru
27 Shipeolu Street

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